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 Iconic House of Ultra Omni 
 First Annual International Ballroom Convention
March 29 - April 5, 2014
Free Admission

“We live to Learn and we Learn to Live” 
 by Kevin Ultra Omni

The Iconic House of Ultra Omni is celebrating
35 Years of Ballroom Legacy.

We are celebrating extraordinary
“ Ballroom History, Culture and Traditions”.

The Convention opens with a Red Carpet Party and History Panel and continues with a week long of 
Lectures, Exhibition, Panels, Screenings and Live Performances.

Special thanks to all the speakers for volunteering
their time to share their experience and talents.

The Convention concludes with the
35th Anniversary Ball by the Iconic House of Ultra Omni.

International Ballroom Convention 2014
Ballroom History, Traditions and Culture
Free admission, subjects to change, check for up-dates.

A Word from the House of Omni
Schedule of Events
House of LaBeija 2000 Ball screening
Saturday March 29th 2014, 2pm
Fashion Day
 Panel and Film Screening
Sunday March 30th 2014, 4pm
Movie Night
Monday March 31st 2014, 6:30pm and 8pm
 double feature, $5 donation for the Kevin Omni Burial Fund

Creativity and Health Day
Tuesday April 1st, 2014, 6pm
Housing Works is providing FREE HIV testing on April 1st and April 2nd.
WoMEN'S In Ballroom Celebrations Day
Brunch, Panel, Screening, Awards Ceremony
Wednesday April 2nd 2014, 11am
Ballroom Production and Economy Day
special feature
Tyrone Proctor
Father of  "The Imperial House of Waacking"
Thursday April 3rd 2014, 6pm
Voguing Day
The Evolution of Vogue
Friday April 4th 2014, 7pm

Ballroom Convention Credits

 Saturday April 5th, 2014
The Iconic House of Ultra Omni
Anniversary  Ball
Lincoln Center Square
65th street and Amsterdam, NYC
House of Ultra Omni Ball information

Purchase Tickets and Tables

General Admission $30
VIP Table $200, seats 8 people
table prize does not include general admission
Table $125, seats 8 people
table prize does not include general admission 

Meet The Speakers

International Ballroom Convention Highlights
Convention Blessings by Reverend Charles Gilmore

Imaginary Eyes Art and Photo Exhibit
Brian Branch, ballroom paintings. Art By Davey, ballroom photography

Bazaar and Couture Fashion
Ross & Jorge Infiniti and Ashley Bullock from BowTieNation

The Little House That Could, film about Patricia Field and the House of Field.
Curator Bob Lesser

Tattoo Artist
CeCe Ink

T.V. Transvestite  
Directors: Simone di Bagno & Michele Capozzi; Curator Joe Jeffreys

How Do I Look 
Directors Wolf Ultra Omni and Kevin Ultra Omni

HIV/AIDS Today and Tomorrow
Milton Garcia Ninja, Amber Drew / Housing Works

Ballroom Photography
Gerard Gaskin

WoMEN’s, Tansmen and Transgender Evening
House of Moshood screening, 1999
LGBTQ African American & Latino Gay Culture Contributions to Street Dance & Music.
Tyrone Proctor.

The Evolution of the Traditional Performance “Voguing” dance.
Derrick Penda’vis Xtravaganza, Aus Ninja Ultra Omni, Aaron Enigma, Cesar Valentino, Marina Omni.

Ballroom Convention Credits

Executive Producer: Art From The Heart Productions
Producer: House of Omni
Convention Director: Wolf Ultra Omni
Assistant Producer: Avant Garde Entertainment
Assistant Director: Kevin Omni,
Sponsors: Chashama, Art From The Heart Films,
How Do I Look Documentary, Luis Flores
Video: LG Productions and Randi Wicker
Publicity: DSG Entertainment Group
Volunteers: Charles Gilmore, Monet Ebony, Dalila Cody, Ming Tan